Healthy African Grey Parrots Available ,beautiful playful and healthy African grey parrot.Does not bite or nip interacts with everyone in the family loves to play and get scratches steps up eats pallets, seeds and fresh fruit and vegetables,Txt only via (319) 895-7116
7-Aug-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Main color: Grey Second color: Green Weight: 0.5 pounds...
3-Aug-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Merlin is a 9yr old Sun Conure relinquished due to his owners health issues. He seems to prefer interacting with men, although does step up for his female foster volunteer. Hes quite new to our program so were still getting to know him; please che...
3-Aug-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Main color: Grey Second color: Green Weight: 0.5 pounds...
1-Aug-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Update: 6/30/18: Louie is a BOY! And an incredibly precious boy he is. At a recent event he spent nearly two hours methodically going from person soliciting head scratches including from older kids. He's super engaging and a joy to be around. Louis is...
26-Jul-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
I have several baby cockatiels for sale If interested please contact Steve 619 548-XXXX
8-Jul-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Munchkin was found in the San Diego area. He appears to be an older bird and our Avian Vet believes his unusual physical characteristics are the result of severe calcium deficiency as a chick. In spite of his under-sized upper beak he's able...
7-Jun-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
How I arrived: I was brought in by my previous owner January 3, 2018. At SDHS: I have had my intake exam, and am now ready for my forever home! Why I am the 1 for you: My Personality Color Code is Purple ; meaning I'm Happy - Go - Lucky...Carefree...Engaging...Adaptive...and Cheerful! I'm a precious lady, that enjoys the crown of my head being pet and listening to music with my people. I would ...
5-Jun-2018Jamul, CA +15 milesBirds for Sale
Pierre is a male Goffin's cockatoo whose age is unknown. He came to ARC along with Cayden and Gandalf as part of a Department. of Animal Services cruelty seizure. Pierre is in excellent feather and is a stunning parrot. It appears that he had not had very...
5-Jun-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Ollie is a DNA-sexed male Cinnamon color mutation Green-cheek Conure. He came to PEAC following his owners passing, leaving no 1 in the family to provide care for him. He is quiet as conures go; no loud or annoying vocalizations. Ollie speaks in a ...
4-Jun-2018Jamul, CA +15 milesBirds for Sale
Rubio, who turns 13 yrs old in December 2017, is a male greenwing macaw whose former owner moved and was unable to bring him along. This separation caused significant stress for Rubio, who turned to feather destructive behavior to ease his emotiona...
4-Jun-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Updated August 2016: Baby is an 11 yr old male Yellow-collared macaw who was relinquished by his owner and had not been let out of his cage, did not step up, and was on a high-fat diet of only sunflower seeds. A veterinarian check after taking him in to PEA...
4-Jun-2018San Diego, CA +7 milesBirds for Sale
Willow is a 22-year-old blue-and-gold macaw who came to us after she was found on someones rooftop in San Diego. We know her age from her leg band. She immediately converted over to a pelleted diet, and while she is learning to like some vegetables, ...
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