21-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Responsibilities/Qualification Job overview Under general supervision, conducts or facilitates moderately complex technical training courses for end-users. Initiates and provides follow-up for technical reviews to ensure curriculum quality and consistency. Gauge customer satisfaction and success of training with standard metrics such as evaluation surveys and skills tests. Conducts or facilitat...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Hi there! I have tutored pretty much every age. I have a master's degree in library science and have always been praised for my writing expertise. I'm a pre-algebra rock star! I've also been a teacher and a librarian. I've always been a great student .let me show you how it's done.
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Hey! My name is Valery and I'm a 17yr old senior student at Westview High-school. After high-school I intend upon going to University of San Diego, to study biology. I love working with kids of all ages, and have taken numerous math and science courses to help me teach and help others that are struggling :)
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
We've all been there; sitting at your desk for hours on end, with 1 hand on your forehead, and the other drawing random doodles in your notebook. The words and numbers on your homework look like hieroglyphics and you just don't have the energy or will power to even attempt to figure it out. Are you tired of nights like these? Well if the answer is yes, I'm your girl! I can guarantee speedy yet ...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I have been tutoring students of all ages for over 2yrs now and I absolutely love it! I am just finishing up high-school, but have passed the high-school proficiency exam. I am skilled in all SAT test work. I specialize in tutoring in basic school subjects, but I also enjoy helping with organization, motivation, and test readiness.
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I have done B.tech in electronics & PG-diploma in Telecommunications. Worked as Tutor(Maths, Physics.2yrs of Background in Teaching Kids. Expertise to Motivate Students in achieving goals. Capable of handling subject in easy and understandable way to any standard student. Has extensive background working with multicultural students and a passion to help all learners become successful in and out...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I have been tutoring since high-school and love doing it! I got more into tutoring when I was in Graduate School and enjoy helping undergraduate and graduate level students. I have a lot background tutoring children, as well. I have been working with Pearson Education as a writing tutor for about a year now and that is my forte. So if you need an essay or paper reviewed for large concept or sma...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I received my Master's and Bachelor's in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College in 2014. Currently, I am a PhD student at University of California San Diego. While there, I have taught Calculus I, II, and III as well as Linear Algebra. I have also tutored high-school students in mathematics ranging from Algebra II to AB Calculus.
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I am a high-school junior with interests in English, Math and Computer Science. I have taken AP Calculus AB and BC and received a five on the AB exam. I have yet to take the exams for BC and AP Computer Science but I am currently taking those classes and maintaining a 4.3 GPA. I received a perfect 2400 on the SAT and have background working with middle school kids through coaching Science Olymp...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I am a senior at SDSU majoring in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Physics/Computer Science. I have been a tutor with the SDSU mathematics department for about three months now. I am looking to become a Community College professor eventually and have always had a passion for helping others with their math struggles. I can also teach Water Polo/Swimming skills, I just finished my fourth y...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Hi! I have background with some homework help for kids in elementary school, from third grade to fifth grade. My strength is being able to take a concept and explain it in easier terms and use real world examples. I enjoy bringing concepts to life so that they're more than just words, but an actual understanding. Homework help is really helping the student how to learn and it's a fun and reward...
20-Jul-2018La Jolla, CA(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am graduating UCSD in June 2016 with a double major in Political Science concentrating in Public Law, and Urban Studies and Planning degree. I have background in tutoring, and have taken courses at UCSD that improved my abilities to educate and help my students in the course material. Since I will be finished with my college education this upcoming summer and waiting to start law school in th...
20-Jul-2018La Jolla, CA(21 miles)Education Jobs
Do you look at math problems for minutes, maybe hours on-end and want to understand, but can't? We can collaborate together to help you obtain stronger fundamental mathematical comprehension by starting from the roots of your understanding. I have a wealth of background in all levels of maths tutoring from basic algebra to multi-variable calculus. I can also help with introductory statistics co...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Hello, I'm a recent graduate from CSU Fresno located in the Central Valley. I have a B.A in English with a creative writing minor and a Teaching Credential for Elementary grades. I have tutored for a combined 5yrs through after school programs and day cares. I also have worked in the classroom as a teacher/student teacher for the last 2 yrs. I can work with students from PreK-College in a varie...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I am a scientist who loves math. I have a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, but am currently working as a visiting teacher for the San Diego Unified School District (i.e I was background checked and fingerprinted). I also work with a local nonprofit, Science Delivered, dedicated to bringing science curriculum to underserved public schools. I have a lot of background working with school-aged childre...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I have background tutoring English and business writing. I am fluent in Arabic and Farsi. I can also help with essay writing/research papers. I have tutored elementary and junior high-school students who have had difficulty in English and writing.
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Born in 1950 in Kabul,Afghanistan. Farsi is my mail language , I also understand Pushto, Urdu and English . After 17 yrs of education got my BSc in Civil Engineering . Worked in rural development Department in Afghanistan n survey, design and construction of Irrigation engineering projects for a while . In 1979 lift Kabul and worked in Pakistan at Gammon Pakistan Ltd in Rawalpindi. I was engage...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
I am a college student at the University of San Diego with a major in Marine Science. I have been tutoring for the passed six years. I have frequently helped my friends, fellow classmates, and siblings of my peers. I am always ready to help, and if a student has a question even when we are not in session, then I am happy to help via text or call.
20-Jul-2018Coronado, CA(11 miles)Education Jobs
I've been tutoring students in middle school and high-school for the past 2 years. For as long as I can remember, I've been the go-to person when my friends needed homework help, whether they were struggling through AP Economics or honors chemistry in high-school, needed an extra pair of eyes to look over their college essays, or wanted help with a tough physics problem. I graduated as valedict...
20-Jul-2018San Diego, CA(13 miles)Education Jobs
Are you struggling with the physical and biological sciences? Do you seem to review concepts and still find yourself not understanding it? I understand what it's like to be in that situation. As a tutor, not only do I bring help to my students but also patience and empathy. I believe that these traits I posses will create a positive environment for my students to learn and benefit from our tuto...
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